WordPress station construction process (III) configuration topic

WordPress’s theme templates are so rich that you can find related topics for building any type of website. WordPress theme libraries are numerous, but the quality varies, and the topic is directly user-facing, which is the front-end interface of the site, so it’s important.

The Webmaster Gang will often share some very good topics, and in choosing a topic, we give the following suggestions:

The mobile interface is friendly

Today, mobile-unfriendly websites are unthinkable, and the theme we choose must be responsive layout.

Low dependency on topics

There are a lot of themes with a lot of features, it’s great at first glance, and once you change the theme, basically the whole site is gone. There are also topics that, after a period of use, become very bloated and the site slows down. Themes can be powerful, but the entire code needs to be concise, clean, and not too dependent on the topic.

Updates to the topic are maintained correctly

Try to choose some well-known topics or topics published by well-known authors, in general, WordPress program update frequency is still faster, so the topic of regular updates is also important. Those niche, the author has not updated the topic for several years, it is best not to choose.

Modify with the official default theme

This is our most recommended way, but unfortunately many webmasters do not have the ability to modify the theme. Customized themes are the most appropriate, and secondary development based on the default theme of the latest official version is best suited. The latest default themes each year with the latest version of your WordPress program are definitely the best combination of performance, and the new default themes generally represent a new direction for the theme each year. As you can see from Twentytwenty (2020), the layout of mobile-first, regressive content has become a bellwether for WordPress themes.

Topics should not be changed frequently

Once a theme has been selected, it is not appropriate to change frequently, as this is unfriendly for SEO. Small changes are possible, and if you change the theme, we recommend replacing it up to once in a year or two.

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