Failed to save? The 5 best Ways to Save money in 2023 and stick to it

It’s almost 2023. Have you saved for 2022? Or was it another perfect failure? Here are five of the best ways to save money and save money. It’s not hard to get out of living paycheck to paycheck as long as you keep doing it.

Save money 1: Bring your lunch to work

For those who regularly call Grab or Foodpanda, do the math. The total amount over the course of a month must be scary. So the first step to saving money is to practice restraint. Don’t order takeout if you don’t have to. Bringing your own food to work can really save you a lot of money. If you can prepare it yourself, even better.

Save money 2: take a fancy to like things first collection, not immediately order

Every month, there are a variety of big sales festivals, such as Double 11, Double 12, etc., which are easy to attract a headlong rush of buying and placing orders. But if you want to save money, you need to learn to restrain yourself by putting things in your cart or favorites first, rather than ordering them right away, which may not smell so good after a while.

Save money 3: Bookkeeping is the most important

Bookkeeping is difficult, but most important, because it carefully lets you know where the money is going, the income and expenses are clear.

Save money 4: Choose high interest banks, fixed deposit FD

If you do not have a Saving Plan, then it is important to keep the FD fixed. Although the interest rate may be higher or lower, it is better than saving nothing at all. Because it’s easy to leave money in a Saving Account and feel like you still have it, and end up spending it all without realizing it.

Save money 5: Read more, learn more about investing, or find your own side business

Workers can always get a fixed salary, but also after work, secretly learn investment knowledge, such as stock, gold, etc., as long as the heart of the study, there will always be harvest. Or don’t like the risk of friends, also can use spare Time to find some Part Time Job, such as writing, open online stores, help purchase, etc., are a good choice of time freedom.

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