Make Money Online (18 Ways to Make Money Online)

Make Money Online (18 Ways to Make Money Online)

Many people know that the Internet can make money, but how to use the Internet to make money, exactly how to make money, many people are not quite clear. Here are some ways to make money on the Internet:

  1. Do website, make traffic, earn advertising fees

Make a website, when the site has a certain number of visits, sell advertising space, play Google Adsense advertising, get advertising fees. This is of course the most mainstream and the most common. However, participants are required to have certain technical knowledge and operational experience. Otherwise, even if the website is built, there is no traffic, there is no way to earn advertising costs.

  1. Make a website and sell products

Make your own product website and sell your products on it. Products can be their own or can be sold on behalf of other companies. This way belongs to electronic commerce, can be said to be the most potential development. However, this approach requires higher skills and experience of participants, as well as product resources and distribution channels. For the average person, it’s more difficult.

  1. Web services make money

For example, it provides a variety of services such as paid online movies, paid music, etc., and obtains revenue by charging service fees or membership fees. It is also difficult for ordinary people.

  1. Domain name investment

Domain name is a kind of unique network resources, with uniqueness, a good domain name can be said to be valuable. Hundreds of thousands, millions and tens of millions. So there are a lot of people to invest in domain names. But the percentage of people who actually make money from domain names is tiny. They all started investing in domain names early and have a number of high-quality domain names that they are now releasing to make money. For ordinary people, now to do domain name investment, the probability of making money is very small.

  1. Earn online for free

There are many ways to earn free online. We see on the Internet “click to make money”, “mail to make money”, “recommend to make money”, “register to make money”, “surf to make money”, “survey to make money” all belong to this type. This type is free to participate. All it takes is time. A lot of people don’t think it’s worth mentioning. Even thought it was fake. The reason is that it takes a long time (more than 60 days) for an individual to pay. For this approach to be profitable, it must have a significant number of downlines. At least 10 more. In this way, you can pay in a shorter time. Those who do this kind of project, if they do it well, can earn more than $1,000 a month. (Usually this is done by having a website or a lot of recommended resources)

  1. Make money on ideas

Make money by selling ideas online, such as where you can sell your ideas and share others’ ideas.

  1. Sell virtual items in your game

Selling virtual items in games for money is one way some gamers make money. According to the well-informed sources, there are millions of such online gold miners, they are mainly from remote rural areas or underdeveloped cities and unemployed part of the youth, for them, this is a good way of online gold mining, but the author does not approve of this way of making money. As can be seen from the above six ways of making money, making money online is actually making money with the convenience of the network platform, which is also the most common six ways of getting remuneration online today. With the rapid development of the network, there will be more and more people into the network gold rush team, there will be more and more ways to make money online.

  1. Video post

Video is unquestionably the dominant form of social communication today and for some time to come. At present, the daily domestic video consumption is conservatively estimated at 900 million people, which is a huge customer group. Video, especially creative video, medium and high-end video, all kinds of feature films, etc., all need creativity and post-editing, thus giving rise to a huge group of professional and technical personnel in video post-production.

  1. Dubbing recording

This relatively, more niche, do not do too much to describe. However, the north, Mandarin-better workplace people, can be part-time. Now there are many dubbing websites, as long as you have the hobby and expertise in dubbing, you can sign up. The fees for dubbing recordings range from 30 yuan a minute to 300 yuan a minute, and there are some famous celebrities, 10,000 yuan a minute. With a good voice, fluent Mandarin, and a decent sound card and microphone set, you can go online and make money.

  1. Make money on tasks

There are many channels for making money from tasks, such as fiverr which requires a strong degree of professionalism. These require you to have certain skills, such as design or ps or programming. The threshold is high and the income is high. There are people like help, fun idle earn mobile software and so on, the difficulty of these tasks is very low, the home page is relatively low, a task a few cents. There is also a computer software, software. The tasks in this platform are highly profitable, and the tasks will be slightly more difficult than the platforms like Quxiantao, but the rarity is limited, and it is easy to make hundreds of thousands of yuan a month. So it is more recommended, interested in their own Baidu Hongdi network.

  1. Make money by submitting papers

Online contribution, save postage, but also fast, an article can also cast more than one. Article will not write, find others to change, piecing together on the line, very simple and convenient.

  1. Make money by bidding

Just spend some money to buy advertising, sell the product, realize the difference on the line. Bidding can go to Baidu alliance, Google alliance, Ali mother, etc.; Another kind of disguised bidding is to buy the advertising space of the website, the effect is similar, the key is to see the conversion rate, the conversion rate is high, the product is explosive, then you will be rich.

13, online hype to make money

Do not understand what is hype, that is, name-calling, cajoling, holding people…… Of course it could be a specific person, or it could be a thing or a company. That is to help people on the Internet hype, but only if you have access to the circle of people, so that you can get work

  1. SEO makes money

SEO is search engine optimization, and you can make a lot of money doing it, if you’re good at it. Of course, if you are not cattle, but very lucky, with a blog to play a little keyword repetition and other low-level actions, can also earn a living.

15, forum post to make money

This is a very old way, post, pull users to visit, exchange advertising fees.

16, sell friendship links

If you have a website, ranking is good, PR value is not low, then you can sell a little friendship link, a few dozens of dollars a month, get dozens of can also.

  1. Sell resources

Now sell online to earn information, sell procedures, sell secrets, much, you can buy a little, and then take over to sell, one in one out can make money.

18, learning is the most profitable

Does that make sense? That is, you have real talent is the most profitable, to achieve this point must continue to come to bkzzz, enrich their knowledge, so as to be able to keep you in an invincible position

These are the part-time jobs I collected for you to do at home. Many of them are what I am doing now, which are very reliable. I hope you can enrich them through your unremitting efforts.

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