Social network Facebook brings you traffic

Today, let’s learn how to use social software Facebook and how to effectively channel content.

For many people, Facebook is no stranger. It is a good publicity platform. Everyone can apply for an account, and then post their own life news or new product news, or store activities on it. Your store will have a steady stream of traffic.

Today, let’s learn how to use the social software Facebook and how to effectively drain it. Increase the attention of content

1、 Importance of Facebook
At present, the number of Facebook users is close to 2.1 billion, and 47% of global Internet users use Facebook. And Americans spend 40 minutes on social networking every day, most of which is done on mobile terminals.

2、 Three methods of Facebook drainage

  1. Facebook homepage
    1) When you build the homepage, you should first make clear the purpose of the homepage, which is to promote the store or the product; Want to interact with fans or attract new fans; Then create the homepage.
    2) In terms of content, there are many forms of presentation, which can be combined with images and text, or video updates. Before publishing, you can predict the quality of content and whether it can attract everyone’s attention. If you can, you can also publish your own life updates to make your account a “live” account.
    3) To shorten the distance with fans, you can launch different activities, and fans can respond positively after commenting on the post.
    4) I think the content quality is very good. I can promote it appropriately to get more traffic.
    5) I didn’t know how to send the content in the early stage, or I didn’t find the correct location for my account. I can learn from the accounts with large traffic, and after the other party’s consent, I can forward it to my home page.
    6) Do a lot of channel drainage. When the fan page is established, you must try to increase the number of fans.
  2. Celebrity marketing
    The most important thing of celebrity marketing is to find a celebrity to do the right marketing. Therefore, the following points need to be done well:
    1) To do celebrity marketing, you can look for and understand celebrity marketing on the Internet.
    2) Is a red person red? You can judge the celebrity by the number of fans, the number of posts, the number of reviews and forwarding, and the content of the post.
    3) After cooperation, we should communicate closely and pay attention to the effect. The deficiencies should be improved at any time and the good ones should be retained.
    4) I have to say that the more responsible the celebrity, the better the effect is. We should find the celebrity who is responsible for the fans.
  3. Advertising
    You can try the following methods when there are no fans or less traffic in the early stage.
    1) Advertising. If necessary, advertising can be selected, and website links and other methods can be used to promote
    2) Facebook can accurately locate the age, gender, hobby, region, mobile phone model, operating system, network environment, etc. of the advertising audience
    3) Ensure that the content, pictures and titles of the advertisements can attract the audience, and do not let the advertisements be cast in vain.
    4) Timely stop advertising with poor results
    5) Do a good job of budgeting and tracking the advertising effect

    3、 Facebook drainage skills
    As for Facebook’s drainage skills, you should pay attention to the following points:

    1. Establish a fan group, which is a good place to interact with fans
    2. Pay attention to interaction and update posts in time during operation
    3. You should choose the right time to put in the advertisement, and don’t put it blindly
    4. When using Facebook for drainage, we should do all three channels to find the most suitable channel for ourselves
    5. Make good use of local holidays and promotions
    6. Make good use of various tools

    Conclusion: The drainage of off-site platforms is a process of accumulating fans for a long time, which requires you to unremittingly publish your own news on the platform. After a long time, users will think that you have some opinions in this field, and then pay special attention to your products, and then go to the corresponding platform to search your stores.

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