What to Do About Adsense Temporary Limits

The bkzzz website has launched Google Adsense for a while. Although it took a long time to collect money, the blogger has not given up on the website. More people know about it through social network promotion. I did not expect to receive a “Regarding your AdSense account settings” recently. “Temporary Advertisement Delivery Restriction” email, as shown in the figure below:

The content of the mail is to protect advertisers, publishers and users from bad advertisements. Limits are automatically evaluated and updated. At the same time, the email also told me what should I do now?
Policy center
What should I do if the number of website advertisements is limited?

Your account can still be accessed normally, and you can view details of this account-level issue in the Policy Center. These restrictions on ad serving typically affect publishers for no longer than 30 days, although in some cases it may take longer. We encourage you to be proactive and take the necessary steps to ensure that your ad traffic complies with the AdSense program policies. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

Tips to Prevent Invalid Traffic on Adsense Ads

1.Understand your ad traffic and website visitors

Efficiently segment your traffic in reports using URL channels, custom channels, or ad units. This will help balance out how changes in traffic sources or ad implementation could affect your ad traffic. Plus, you can use Google Analytics to learn more about your website visitors and spot suspicious user behavior.

2.Do not work with third parties with poor reputation/service quality

Some advertisers partner with disreputable ad networks, search engines, or directory sites in order to drive traffic to their site, resulting in issues related to invalid traffic.

3.Don’t click on your own ad, even if you think it’s harmless

Even if you are interested in an ad or would like to know its destination URL, please do not click on your own ad. Please note that while we filter clicks on your ads, we don’t completely ignore them. If we find that a publisher is trying to increase revenue or advertising customer service costs by continuing to click on his own advertisements, then we may disable the relevant account to protect advertising customer service.

4.Double check ad implementation

Some publishers have custom implementations that may have unintended consequences for their ad requests. Please ensure that your ad implementation complies with our ad placement policies and is free of programming errors. Also, check your ads on different browsers and platforms to make sure they work the way you expect them to.

5.Ask for help in the Adsense Help Forum

The issues you’re having may be shared by other publishers, so join the discussion to learn more, or start a discussion yourself. Let others know if you come across a third party or situation that could lead to invalid traffic.

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