Features and advantages of MySQL

The MySQL database management system has many advantages, some of which are summarized below.

1) MySQL is an open source database

MySQL is an open source database whose source code is available to anyone. This allows anyone to fix bugs in MySQL and anyone to use the database for any purpose. MySQL is a freely available database.

2) MySQL’s cross-platform

MySQL can run not only on the Windows family of operating systems, but also on operating systems such as UNIX, Linux, and Mac OS. Because many websites choose UNIX and Linux as website servers, the cross-platform nature of MySQL ensures its advantages in web applications. Although Microsoft’s SQL Server database is an excellent commercial database, it can only run on the Windows family of operating systems. Therefore, the cross-platform nature of MySQL databases is a great advantage.

3) Price advantage

MySQL database is a free software, anyone can download the software from MySQL’s official website, these community versions of MySQL are free to try, and even the extra features that need to be paid are very cheap. Compared with Oracle, DB2 and SQL Server these expensive commercial software, MySQL has an absolute price advantage.

4) Powerful and easy to use

MySQL is a true multi-user, multi-threaded SQL database server. It can process large amounts of data quickly, efficiently and securely. Compared with databases such as Oracle, the use of MySQL is very simple. MySQL’s main goals are to be fast, robust, and easy to use.

Compared with the commonly used mainstream databases such as Oracle and SQL Server, the main feature of MySQL is that it is free and can be used on any platform, taking up relatively little space. However, MySQL also has some shortcomings. For example, for large projects, MySQL’s capacity and security are slightly inferior to Oracle database.

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