3 Website Types That Easily Get AdSense Accreditation

By building your own website, you can place google ads on it, so what kind of content is what google likes? The answer is very simple, that is, the content of your website is valuable and original content. When your website applies for google adsense, it will help your website to pass the review, insist on original content, and it will also have a long-term impact on your income.

Website Type 1: Original Content Blog Station and Keep Updating

The google search engine likes original blog sites and insists on updated websites. If your website has many pages but rarely updated content, then google may not like it. For some popular and well-regarded blogs, the speed of updating content is calculated by hour or day, and the frequency of Google’s crawlers is very fast, which will help your website to be indexed and included quickly. For example, Daily Dot, a well-known foreign blog, has been hanging google ads. It has millions of monthly users’ traffic, and has placed AdSense banner ads in multiple positions throughout the blog. Among the ad pages that generate the best revenue are the general content page (home page), each article page, and the recommended articles option.

AdSense’s various ad types can be integrated with the blog’s rich templates and themes, which not only ensure a good user experience, but also allow you to create more trendy content with the incentive of monetization. Whether you’re a novice or a professional, blogging is the type of website that is worth your time to run and polish.

Website Type 2: Content generated by website users’ enthusiastic participation in discussions

This type of website is a well-known forum, but considering that it is difficult to do this kind of website in China, it is recommended that if you want to do this kind of website, consider putting it abroad. The advantage is that you don’t need to do anything. Original content can get a wide range of traffic. Forums are places for website users to express their opinions and discuss topics of interest. Here are some suggested strategies and solutions:

  1. Post content policy: tell users what to do
  2. Carefully assess the risks before monetizing web pages containing user-generated content
  3. Regular audits of popular web pages with user-generated content
  4. Add a “Report Violation” link to user-generated content to encourage users to help report
  5. Create different levels of trusted users
  6. Establish or use an automatic content filtering system

Website Type 3: Free Tool Type Website

The third type of website is to build a tool website to hang google ads. It is easier for a free utility website to gain stable traffic and attention, especially when your website has gained a certain reputation and popularity in the audience. Take the website GIFmaker.me. For example, this is a website that teaches people to make GIF images for free. Recently, GIF images have been used very frequently in social networking sites and communication applications. Ads appear on the top and sides of the site while the user is making a GIF.

Once your tool site can show up at the top of the search results page, monetizing with AdSense will bring you considerable income.

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Summary: Monetization commonalities of the three website types

Regardless of the type of website that works best for you, the following three things are critical to your monetization growth.

  1. Control of website content and materials: select topics and technology sharing with timeliness and value

If your goal is to publish an English-language content website, you can use Google’s free tool, AdWords Keyword Planner, to understand the popularity and search traffic of your article’s keywords and topics before finalizing it. For example, the keyword GIF has more than one million searches per month. From the data insights, you can understand the popularity and monetization prospects of this tool website.

  1. Real-time update content: There is a lot of original information for the audience to view

The ultimate way to achieve monetization is to make website users voluntarily click on ads to increase conversion rates, resulting in higher eCPM. If your article content can’t continue to attract users, the number of ad clicks will naturally decrease as your website traffic decreases, making your monetization income unsustainable.

  1. Promote your website: Let your audience find your website and participate in content discussions

It is recommended that you make some necessary website settings changes according to the Google Webmaster Guidelines to make it easier for Google search engines and website users to find your website entry. You can also refer to Google Webmaster Guidelines to improve SEO if you want to make sure that the key keywords in your article are properly placed.

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