Google Ad Network Official: Reasons and Tips for AdSense Failed to Pass the Review

Beginning in January 2019, all website publishers, in addition to the registered primary domain name, need to go through the step of adding a new website review to get the opportunity to display relevant ads.¬†Once the added site meets the review criteria, the webmaster will see the word “Ready” in the Sites column of the AdSense backend interface, indicating that the page is ready to run ads.

In view of the common reasons why websites fail to pass the audit, we hope to guide you to find solutions through the content of this issue, so as to obtain monetization benefits as soon as possible.

First, let’s take a look at what you need to do before using AdSense and adding a site review.

1. Eligibility and requirements for joining the AdSense website monetization program

To use AdSense successfully, your goal is to create a website with valuable original content that will attract users’ interest to browse the content and maintain steady traffic. Therefore, before applying to use AdSense, you need to pay attention to the following 2 requirements.

Does the web page offer rich and interesting original content?

You should use external resources such as articles or embedded videos on other websites with caution, and the proportion of content must be derived from your own original content, including professional knowledge, improvement methods, comments or your personal opinions. AdSense’s content policy states that Google ads may not be placed on sites that contain plagiarized or copyrighted content. This is a serious policy violation and may result in your ad being disabled or your account being closed.

Is the web page navigation clear and easy to use?

The navigation bar (or menu bar) is one of the most important components of your website. Providing a convenient, easy-to-use navigation bar is the key to a good user experience and encourages users to interact effectively with your content.

When building your navigation bar, be sure to consider:

  1. Alignment – Are all elements aligned correctly?
  2. Readability – Is the text easy to read?
  3. Functionality – Does your dropdown list work?

2. Make sure your website is ready

Sometimes you need to correct some issues on your website before it can show ads. The following tips can help you get your site ready.

Missing or incomplete code

  • Have you pasted the code into the HTML of your website?
  • Have you pasted the code between the and tags?
  • Have you pasted the code on the site you used to sign up for AdSense?

Website not accessible

  • Is the URL you provided correct? If the URL you provided is incorrect, please remove the site from the site list and add a new site with the correct URL.
  • Is your website up and running? Make sure your website is published and live.
  • Can AdSense access your site without a password? If your site has a login protection mechanism, please consider temporarily removing the login mechanism so that we can access your site. Note that once your account is successfully activated, you can create a crawler login to display Google ads on pages that require login.
  • Can the AdSense crawler access your site? Make sure you don’t block our crawler in your robots.txt file.
  • If you’re using HTTPS, does your website have a valid SSL certificate (not a self-signed certificate) from a recognized certificate authority and does it redirect HTTP to HTTPS as well?

Your site does not comply with the AdSense program policies

There are violations of your site, and after correcting these issues, you can request another review of your site.

Top 5 Reasons You Can’t Pass an AdSense Review

According to internal statistics, the following are the reasons why the TOP 5 cannot pass the website audit, let’s crack them one by one.

Top 1: Duplicate Content

Make sure your website brings value to users. Publishers may not create multiple pages, subdomains, or domains with a large amount of duplicate content.

Top 2: Insufficient Content

We found that your site has too little text and/or your site has been identified as under construction. A website should have enough high-quality content to provide a meaningful user experience so that we can serve relevant ads to users.

Make sure you have enough text on your pages, sites based on images, videos or Flash animations may not be approved.

Your content should contain full sentences and paragraphs, not just headings.

Make sure your website has been built and published. Do not register while the website is still under construction or consists only of website templates.

Once your site is linked to AdSense, place the ad code on the actual pages of your site. If it is a test page that is empty except for the ad code, it will not be approved.

Top 3: Content Quality Issues

Your site has a content quality issue. We believe that your site lacks original, informative content that provides value to users. As a publisher, you must provide relevant, original content that users will want to visit your site.

Never place ad code on auto-generated pages or pages with little or no original content.

Top 4: Website Navigation Issues

While reviewing your website, we found that it was very difficult to navigate. Your website should be well-structured, easy to navigate, and provide a good user experience.

Provide visitors with a clear navigation system so they can click through the pages and find the information they need. Possible navigation issues are: redirects, web pages requiring login to access or restricted access, broken links, excessive pop-ups, dialer usage, some web pages under construction or unpublished.

Top 5: Traffic Source Issues

There is a traffic source issue with your website. Google ads may not be placed on pages that receive traffic from certain sources. For example, publishers may not participate in pay-to-click programs, send spam emails, or display ads as a result of the actions of any software application. So make sure your pages follow Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and Policies.

Finally, there are 2 important reminders that also deserve your attention.

  1. Your site is considered inactive if it has not displayed any ads for at least four months. In this case, you’ll see an alert in your account and you can resume ad showing within a month. If your site hasn’t shown ads for more than five months, it will need to be reviewed again.
  2. If 2 weeks after you submit your website for review, the website status still shows “under review”, please improve the quality and quantity of website traffic first.

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