The difference between cloud server and VPS server, how to choose?

Cloud hosting (cloud server) supports accessing applications or Web sites through cloud resources, and the biggest difference from traditional hosting methods is that it is not deployed on a single server. A VPS server is also called a virtual private server, which is essentially a physical server that is then divided into multiple virtual servers.

VPS server principle

Also known as a virtual private server, this type of hosting is essentially a physical server that is then divided into several smaller virtual servers, each of which acts as its own dedicated server environment.

Since each VPS has its own dedicated portion of the server, it has its own set of allocated resources and can customize and configure a virtual private server exactly the way you want. Even on the same physical server, there is no exchange access to data or files between VPS servers, so security is guaranteed.

But the disadvantage of VPS server is also obvious, that is, the configuration of the physical server limits the configuration of all VPS servers, and when the physical server fails, all the VPS running on it will fail.

Principle of cloud server

A cloud server is similar to a VPS hosting environment, and can also be understood as a large VPS environment. The key difference is that the resources of all virtualized cloud servers are distributed on a bunch of different physical servers. The advantage is that the resources that can be expanded and upgraded by each cloud server are no longer limited by a single physical server, and when one of the physical servers fails, the operation of the entire cloud environment will not be affected.

Should I choose a VPS server or a cloud server?

1. If the business has elastic requirements, then cloud servers should be selected. Elastic demand: It means that the occupation of server resources by the business is flexible rather than fixed. For example, an e-commerce platform will instantly increase the number of visits during an event promotion. If it is a single physical server, it is prone to downtime. In a cloud environment, this elastic demand can be met.

2. If you are only building a website and the system resource usage tends to be relatively stable, VPS is also a good choice, because most VPS prices are lower than cloud servers. For example, some bloggers, personal webmasters, etc.

Not all cloud servers are true cloud environments

In recent years, various clouds have become popular in China, but it is much more difficult and expensive for service providers to build a cloud environment than the original VPS service. Even if there is only one physical server, VPS services can be provided, but the cloud environment is not the case. Whether it is in terms of technology or equipment investment, it is a geometric multiple growth, so it is mixed, and some of them are called cloud services, but they are not necessarily.

At present, there are excellent cloud service providers in China (in no particular order): Alibaba Cloud, Tencent Cloud , Baidu Cloud, Huawei Cloud, Kingsoft Cloud, Tianyi Cloud, JD Cloud, etc.

The normal price of cloud servers of these cloud service providers is generally higher than that of VPS servers, but because of the fierce competition, in special times such as Double Eleven or Double Twelve, they will basically launch corresponding preferential activities. At that time, purchasing is a good choice. .

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