How to quickly create excellent online marketing content and increase website traffic

As a website operator, you must have heard the adage “content is king”. Content presents a huge marketing opportunity for businesses/websites of all sizes. An effective content marketing strategy can get your product or service in front of your customers when it matters most.

Corporate websites that regularly publish blogs or other content (including small videos, WeChat official accounts, etc.):

  • 3 to 4 times more traffic
  • User stickiness becomes stronger

Sounds good, right? The problem is that with so many blogs, websites, official accounts, etc., especially for a team without a dedicated network marketing department, it’s cumbersome.

Even without the extra budget, you can be an effective content marketer even if you create your own content, and it doesn’t take a lot of time to do it the right way.

Plan content ahead

Just a little planning on a regular basis can turn you into a powerful content library. Most importantly, planning can make your content marketing strategy more actionable and aligned with your marketing goals.

First, think about what you want to achieve, is it to increase brand awareness? Or provide valuable information? Or increase sales? Maybe want to do it.

Once the goals are clear, the specific implementation steps can be arranged:

  • Brainstorm like a madman: Not knowing what you want to write makes you ineffective. So, before you start, come up with a potential article title and save it as a draft. It’s time to look at what your competitors are doing, find what they’re missing but important, steal some ideas and adapt them to your own content.
  • Ideate around target keywords: Know what type of content customers are looking for, and aggregate them into keywords to ensure that the content you design is effective marketing content. Think of 3-4 focus keywords for each article.
  • Make a regular creation schedule: Record the following content in the form of a schedule. The author often uses the OneNote tool, and it is recommended to schedule articles for the next six months. Check your schedule regularly to be able to see what topics are covered and where you might need to pay attention or adjust.
  • Create article templates: This is a very useful content writing technique that can quickly increase creative efficiency and improve content quality. For the types of articles I use often, there will be corresponding Word templates in my computer, such as “Q&A”, “How to”, “Guide”, “Evaluation” , etc.

Learn how professional copywriters work

In fact, writing content does not necessarily have to be a job that a writer can do. Many people just have “writing phobia”. It’s just that professionals know a few copywriting skills to write fast without staring at a screen for long periods of time.

Here’s what content creation professionals do:

  • Start with an outline: An outline isn’t just for your high school essay ( ^__^ ), it lets the writer know exactly what they want to say, and how it’s going to be said. So, before we start: an outline must be created for the article. In the outline, record some key points, some important data that may be used, etc.
  • Write first, edit later: Don’t do content creation and page editing at the same time, as it will affect efficiency and interrupt your train of thought. If you want to write high-quality content quickly, don’t use the CMS-integrated editor yet, and start writing in Word. Write down what you want to express as soon as possible, and edit and optimize later.
  • Batch writing: When you have clear ideas and good inspiration, you should write a few drafts of articles first, which will improve the efficiency of content creation.
  • Follow the title: Five times as many people read only the title of the article as they read the full content of the article. Therefore, an eye-catching title will be the key to whether the content is read. Readers are sometimes like a scanner, and only catchy headlines make them take the time to peruse.

In 2022, blogs, Weibo, official accounts, etc. are still essential digital marketing tools. Companies that continue to create content that everyone likes to read can use these content to increase brand awareness, sales, and loyal fans.

But it’s not easy. In addition to planning and creating, you also need to pay attention to content sharing. Social media/platforms make the process easier and great content will spread.

In any case, though, content is king.

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