The easy-to-ignore Bing search new site includes SEO shortcuts

For WEB websites, search engines are still the main traffic entrance. Baidu is still the dominant search engine in China. The domestic market share on the PC side has risen to about 7.5%. As of 2020, Baidu’s market share on all platforms in China is 74.95%.

Baidu is definitely the top priority of all Chinese webmasters for SEO, but for many new sites, Baidu may not be so easy to get included in a very short period of time. At this time, you can consider other search engines. To be honest, apart from Google (which cannot be accessed in mainland China), Baidu, Sogou, and 360 search are not friendly enough for new sites to be included, while Bing search is very friendly.

Bing search (Bing) webmaster tool address:

After submitting the website, it will generally be included within 1-5 days. If the sitemap is submitted, the inclusion effect is better (Baidu webmaster platform generally does not open sitemap submission permissions for new sites).

In addition, Bing can also be submitted through the API. If it is a WordPress website, it can be implemented through a plugin. For example, in theĀ Rank Math SEO pluginĀ , you can automatically submit newly published/updated content to Bing Search through settings.

WordPress Autosubmit to Bing Search via Plugin

Rank Math SEO auto-submission to Bing Search

The above functions are in the Instant Indexing function module, which needs to be enabled first in the Rank Math SEO dashboard.

Bing API submission effect

Generally, after the submission is completed, it can be included within 24 hours (is it faster than Baidu?).

Although the domestic market share of Bing search is not as good as that of Baidu, there are still some users. Microsoft’s upcoming new version of Windows 11 should still be bound to Bing search by default.

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