Microsoft account cannot log in solution

The new version of window10 system has many Microsoft software that comes with it. There are many software materials that tiger thinks are good, but many of them need to log in.

If you are logging in to your Microsoft account, the login interface is loading all the time, as shown in the following figure:

How long you’ve been waiting is the loading interface. It proves that your computer can’t log in to the Microsoft account directly. You need to configure it. Here are some solutions summarized by the material tiger.

Method 1: replace the network

If the computer is connected, WiFi can try to connect to the 4G network of the mobile phone. Basically, it can be linked in seconds, which is very easy to use.

Method 2: replace DNS

This method is written in Microsoft’s official help document. It is recommended that mainland users modify the DNS server to connect to Microsoft services.

1.Open your control panel, find the Internet, and click: network and sharing center

2.Click your access type.

3.Select “Internet Protocol version 4” in the pop-up window and click to open it.

4.Finally, select “use the following DNS server address”, modify the preferred DNS server to “” or “” and click OK.

tips:Is too laggy, but we can login to Microsoft account after the modification, but we will change it again after logging in, otherwise the network will be stuck.

Method 3: network agent

If you can’t, you can only use network accelerator and network agent software. However, such software is basically charged, and it’s hard to find free software.

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