What is the impact of modifying dns on network speed

Many netizens don’t understand what public DNS is, what role and function it has, and whether modification of dns will have any effect on network speed. In view of these problems, I will take you to learn more about it. Many netizens don’t know enough about what public DNS is. What is public DNS?


Public DNS server, that is, the default DNS resolution server of the system. The full name of DNS is Domain Name System, that is, domain name resolution system. DNS helps users find paths on the Internet. Every computer on the Internet has a unique address called an “IP address” (that is, Internet Protocol address). Since the IP address (which is a string of numbers) is not easy to remember, DNS allows users to replace it with a string of common letters (ie, “domain name”). Public DNS server has the advantages of no ads, can prevent DNS hijacking to a certain extent, and does not need to be changed due to changes in the Internet environment. However, the use of public DNS may also have risks such as slow system response, hijacking, and privacy issues.

Google’s universal DNS ( is believed to be familiar to everyone. Setting the computer’s DNS to this universal DNS address can help us access foreign websites more quickly. In fact, this well-known Google ( is a public DNS.

The public DNS service is characterized by a huge number of domain names and a large number of users. It also requires security and anti-attack, low latency (fast response), no interception (no ads), and very high requirements for the resolution success rate. We all choose the local DNS for the DNS server, but sometimes for individual reasons, we may choose other DNS, such as Google DNS.

When we choose DNS, the question we need to consider is, will it affect the network speed?

The public DNS address is a DNS resolution service launched for mass users. Generally, everyone uses the default DNS node when surfing the Internet, which is provided by the nearest network provider where you pull the network cable. And if you feel that the DNS address provided by the network provider is not safe enough, or the speed is not fast enough, you can set your computer DNS address. However, when we set the local network DNS, if there is no special reason, we should try our best to use the local one. DNS to increase internet speed. Not every computer can improve the Internet speed by modifying the DNS, but modifying the DNS can definitely prevent hijacking and prevent privacy leakage, and there will be no large amount of advertisements after DNS hijacking. As for the choice, it’s up to you. . .

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