Microsoft Edge users have increased and Firefox continues to decline

According to StatCounter, Microsoft Edge browser market share has grown from 0.57% in March 2020 to 8.03% in March 2021. Achieve a market share growth of 1308% in just 12 months. Note: This refers to the new version of Microsoft Edge browser, which was born in December 2018, and the official version has been officially released on January 15, 2020.

The biggest monthly increase for Microsoft Edge was in June 2020, and that was probably due in large part to Microsoft’s efforts to promote its new browser through Windows Update. Meanwhile, Chrome’s market share did not plunge as expected, dropping less than a percentage point to 67.14% from 68.11%.

Firefox, on the other hand, is still in steady decline. In March 2020, Firefox’s share was 9.25%; By March 2021, its share had fallen to 7.95 per cent. This makes it slightly less used than Microsoft Edge.

As Microsoft Edge Legacy has been replaced by the new Microsoft Edge, its market share has plummeted from 4.56% in March 2020 to 0.44% in March 2021. Coming up, as Microsoft plans to force the replacement of Microsoft Edge Legacy with a new Microsoft Edge in the Patch Tuesday update in April 2021; Edge Legacy’s market share will continue to decline, while Microsoft Edge usage will continue to grow.

Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge Legacy, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and Safari over the past 12 months for complete market share changes can be found in the following table:

Major browser market share changes

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