Web search engine turns 30, where does the future lead?

A search engine is a software system designed to search the Web, and almost all Web search engines get their information by crawling the Web from site to site. Archie, Gopher, and other search tools have been available for 30 years to find files scattered across disparate hosts since the beginning of 1990, when the World Wide Web did not exist.

Early search engines had limited functionality, and even sites included/updated had to be maintained manually. It wasn’t until July 1994 that Lycos introduced Robot based data mining technology and supported relevant ranking of search results, and was the first to start using automatic summaries of web pages in search results.

Since 2002, many companies have been attracted by the prospects of the search market and the myth of Google, and have actively entered the search engine market to seek a place in it. But unfortunately, many companies use rogue means to promote their own search engine, the commonly used means is browser hijacking, malicious bundling of Adware/Spyware and so on, the typical bad company is the search, 3721 and so on.

The world’s most popular search engine, Google (with 92.96 percent of the global market), was founded in 1998, while Baidu, the most popular Chinese search engine, was founded by Robin Li and his friend Xu Yong in January 2000.

It can be said that the current popular search engine has been developed for 20 years, can be said that search engine has been accompanied by the development of the whole Internet. But in recent years, with the popularity of mobile applications and the explosion of social media, does the traditional WEB search engine still have a future? At the very least, Web search engines are beginning to lose their status as the largest source of traffic.

Unlike Web pages, mobile APP is not suitable for search engines to capture its content due to its relatively closed nature. In addition, text search also began to fail to meet the needs of users, voice, video, image and other information search technology change, will also be the direction of future development.

Therefore, the traditional search engine will be likely to develop towards the direction of the knowledge-based search engine, providing more accurate and applicable information for the searcher.

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